FlexJobs Review: Is FlexJobs Legitimate and Worth It?



Product Rating



  • FlexJobs vets all listings
  • Up to date listings
  • Expansive search and filtering options
  • Advanced features add value


  • Paid subscription required to access all features
  • Filtering and search options can be overwhelming

Most people are aware of the many free job search websites that exist today, like Indeed, Monster.com, etc. 

Why, then, would you pay money to search for jobs? That was my first thought when I came across FlexJobs. But as I learned more about FlexJobs, my opinion began to shift.

In general, paid job search sites display more up-to-date listings, and offer deeper customization when it comes to the search itself. All of this should make it easier to find the right job. In theory, at least.

In this FlexJobs review, I’ll share everything you need to know about the site to help you decide if FlexJobs is right for you.   

Table of Contents
  1. What Is FlexJobs?
  2. FlexJobs Features
    1. Resume Builder
    2. Online Events
    3. Skills Tests
  3. How to Sign Up for FlexJobs
  4. FlexJobs Pricing
  5. What Kinds of Jobs Are on FlexJobs?
    1. Remote Jobs
    2. Freelance Jobs
    3. Part-Time Work
  6. How Does Applying on FlexJobs Work? 
  7. Why Should I Pay for FlexJobs When There Are Free Job Sites?
    1. Focuses on Alternative Schedules and Jobs
    2. Outstanding Organization of Job Listings
    3. FlexJobs Helps Weed Out Scam Jobs
    4. Filled Positions Are Removed Promptly
    5. Listings Include Company Reviews
    6. No Ads
  8. FlexJobs Pros and Cons
  9. FlexJobs Alternatives 
    1. Freelancer.com
    2. Indeed
  10. Who Is FlexJobs Best Suited For?
  11. Final Thoughts on FlexJobs

What Is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a job search engine website that can help anyone searching for a job. However, they cater to those looking for flexible work opportunities. 

One nice thing about FlexJobs is its commitment to screening every company and job listing. This helps to ensure you won’t be scouring listings that are already filled or applying for jobs that don’t genuinely exist. 

And the site has a host of other features that can help you find the perfect job for your out-of-the-box job wishlist. 

FlexJobs Features

FlexJobs caters to those who want fully remote, partially remote, freelance, alternative schedule, and temporary jobs. In addition to an extensive search engine with advanced filters, Flexjobs offers several unique features to increase your chances of success.

Resume Builder

Flexjobs offers an in-site resume profile feature that will help you spotlight your skills and work experience.

The resume builder feature allows you to upload your photo, attach the resume they’ll help you write, and even connect to your LinkedIn profile.

Using the resume builder helps you shine as you apply for job positions and sell yourself to potential employers.

You can also attach any number of standard resumes to the resume builder profile. 

Online Events

Flexjobs offers online events for members as well. After you sign up you can look on your dashboard and browse through learning events such as:

  • Cover letter best practices
  • Career coaching Q&A
  • Networking tips
  • Career change guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • Job summits
  • Tips on working remotely

Events rotate regularly, and many are repeated, so you’ll have a chance to take one you may have previously missed.  

Skills Tests

Flexjobs also offers in-site skills tests to help you determine which types of jobs are best for your skills, talents, and interests. 

The site offers over 200 different tests. You can take as many as you like, take the same ones over again, and more. 

Skills tests can be a great help if you’re searching to find the best career path for your particular giftings and skills. 

How to Sign Up for FlexJobs

Signing up with FlexJobs is relatively easy. You’ll start by hitting the Sign-Up button on the top right-hand corner of your computer or device screen. 

From there, FlexJobs will ask you to choose the type of subscription that you want from three options. 

Note that there are readily available coupon codes on the site. I took a bit of time as I perused my options and received a percentage off coupon for the site.

Also, note that there is a free trial available. However, the free trial doesn’t include many of the top benefits of a FlexJobs paid subscription.

See the chart below for details and differences between the free trial and the paid subscription. 

Learn more about FlexJobs

After perusing the different features, I chose to sign up for a one-month subscription. 

After you choose your subscription and sign up, Flexjobs will ask you a short series of questions. 

The “categories” section has a dropdown box from which you can select dozens of categories. 

Some of the category choices include:

  • Art and creative
  • Entertainment industry jobs
  • Government jobs
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Call center
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Graphic design
  • Medical
  • Science
  • IT

There are over 60 categories and subcategories you can choose from, so you’re almost certain to find something that meets your needs. 

From there you’ll go to your dashboard where you can complete your online resume, search for jobs, and more.

FlexJobs Pricing

With FlexJobs, you can choose from three different subscriptions: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual.

You start with a 14-day access pass for just $2.95 (with a full refund if you are not satisfied), then:

  • Monthly subscriptions are $23.95 per month, and you can continue as long as you like with no contract.
  • Quarterly (3-month) subscription costs $39.95. Like the monthly option, you can continue renewing after your three-month period ends.
  • Annual subscriptions are $71.40.

Note that FlexJobs sets all subscriptions to auto-renew, but you can disable the setting from your dashboard anytime.

There are coupon codes aplenty for FlexJobs. FlexJobs might even present one to you, as they did for me.

I recommend that you choose a service package based on your budget and how much you plan to use the site. 

The annual plan – especially with a coupon code discount – is the best deal if you’re looking to use the site long-term.  

FlexJobs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all paid subscriptions. 

Learn more about FlexJobs

What Kinds of Jobs Are on FlexJobs?

You might be wondering more specifically about the types of jobs that are on FlexJobs. Here are some examples. 

Remote Jobs

FlexJobs lists thousands of opportunities for jobs that are either partially or fully remote. The list of jobs that are 100% remote is expansive; over 18,000 openings when I searched. 

Some examples included:

  • Communications jobs
  • Administrative and administrative support jobs
  • Management positions
  • Consultant positions
  • Engineering jobs
  • Writing jobs
  • A variety of IT positions

The list goes on and on. With over 18,000 remote jobs available, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone.  

Available jobs include jobs where you work as an employee and contract jobs as well. 

Freelance Jobs

When I searched for freelance work, FlexJobs populated over 2,000 open positions. Some of the options for freelance work included:

  • Executive assistant
  • Senior project management jobs
  • Payroll management positions
  • Graphic design jobs
  • Jobs in the medical profession

Various customer service and tutoring positions were also available.

There is a wide variety of listings for all freelance jobs in terms of the job description, commitment time, and more. 

Part-Time Work

There were over 2,000 options for part-time work when I searched FlexJobs. Some of the options for part-time work listed on FlexJobs included:

  • Email marketing specialist
  • Accounting positions
  • Online college tutor positions
  • Patient registration representative
  • School counselor
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech therapist

I was impressed by the quality of part-time job listings I saw on FlexJobs. 

And you can narrow your search for jobs down to existing categories, schedules, or almost however you wish. 

How Does Applying on FlexJobs Work? 

Once you find a job listing you’re interested in, applying is easy. You’ll start by clicking on the listing. 

At that point, you’ll be able to see more information about the listing, including the hiring company, the salary (but not always), the education and career levels required, and more. 

You’ll see the job description and responsibilities, required qualifications, job benefits, and other pertinent information. 

If you’re still interested in applying, you can hit the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen. 

From there, you’ll fill out the basic information required and attach your resume and cover letter. 

You can attach them from your computer, from Google Drive, from Dropbox, or you can cut and paste them into the application.

You can hit the “Submit Application” button once you’re finished. From there, you simply wait to be contacted by a company representative. 

Why Should I Pay for FlexJobs When There Are Free Job Sites?

So, why should you pay to search job listings when you can find them for free on other sites? In my opinion, there are several reasons why FlexJobs might be worth the money to you. 

Focuses on Alternative Schedules and Jobs

Since FlexJobs focuses on jobs with alternative scheduling options, it is easy to search solely for remote jobs. 

They also help you look for temporary and freelance jobs along with part and full-time employment. I love the way they organize listings to fit any desired work environment. 

The site is well organized and helps you quickly find jobs with the type of work schedule you desire. 

Outstanding Organization of Job Listings

The FlexJobs website does a great job of organizing listings. With more than 60 categories and subcategories, you can quickly narrow your search down to job titles and positions you prefer.

Or down to schedule types you prefer. It’s easy to use the search system and narrow down specifics as you choose. 

However, some might find the sheer volume of available jobs overwhelming. 

FlexJobs Helps Weed Out Scam Jobs

How many times have you applied for a job only to find out that the listing wasn’t even legit? 

Either the company is altogether bogus, or they’re baiting you to apply for and take a less attractive position. 

You won’t have that problem with FlexJobs because their team works hard to vet companies that apply to be members. 

Filled Positions Are Removed Promptly

Another common problem with job search websites is finding listings for filled positions. 

FlexJobs works to eliminate this problem by contacting member companies to check and see if job positions are still available.

They work to remove filled job positions as soon as possible so you can focus on searching for job positions that are still open. 

Listings Include Company Reviews

Another nice feature of FlexJobs is that each listing includes a company review by a FlexJobs staff member. 

Just click on the Company tab at the top of the listing and see information regarding the company, its headquarters, history, and more.

It’s nice knowing that a job search website vets companies before posting listings from them as it saves you time and hassle. 

No Ads

While some job search sites inundate you with ads as you search for jobs, you won’t find that on FlexJobs. 

That’s another benefit of using a paid job search site. Your subscription payment helps them cover their costs, so they don’t have to blow up the site with ads. 

Note: FlexJobs does have a Member Perks section where they share discount offers with you. But you’ll only see these offers by clicking on the Member Perks tab. 

For example, you might find a discount of 25% off your first order with a grocery delivery service or a deal on pet care. 

As you can see, there are several good reasons why you might want to choose a paid job search site over a free one.

FlexJobs Pros and Cons

There’s a lot to like about FlexJobs, but it also has some drawbacks. Here is my list of FlexJobs pros and cons.


  • FlexJobs vets all listings 
  • Up to date listings
  • Expansive search and filtering options
  • Advanced features add value


  • Paid subscription required to access all features
  • Filtering and search options can be overwhelming

Learn more about FlexJobs

FlexJobs Alternatives 

So if you’ve decided that FlexJobs isn’t for you, which job search site alternatives should you look at?


Like FlexJobs, Freelancer.com lists job openings for freelancers. However, that’s where it ends in its similarity to FlexJobs. 

There are both free and paid memberships to Freelancer.com. However, the free membership limits the number of applications or bids you can put in each month.

Yes, I said bids. When applying for jobs on this site, you do have to place a bid. That can be  challenging because it’s easy to be undercut by another applicant.

As such, you may end up accepting less than you deserve for pay on a project. However, employers and business owners do have the option to search freelancer profilers on their own. 

And they can contact you if they like your profile and ask if you want to be considered for a project. 

Going this route may result in higher pay for a project. And creating an attractive profile page on Freelancers.com will help you get more attention from employers. 

Just know that this is a highly competitive site, and there are tens of thousands of freelancers you’ll be competing alongside for projects.


You probably know that Indeed is one of the most popular jobs search websites. And there’s a lot to love about Indeed. 

They’ve got an expansive job posting board, and you can quickly narrow your search and find permanent or temporary remote jobs. 

It’s a free site that works similarly to FlexJobs, including options to learn more about career building. 

A potential drawback is that Indeed often pulls its listings from other sources. 

Job seekers may end up being transferred multiple times before they reach the spot where they can apply for an advertised position. 

But if you’re unwilling to pay for a job search website like FlexJobs, Indeed makes for an excellent second choice.  

Who Is FlexJobs Best Suited For?

If you’re wondering who FlexJobs is best suited for, I can tell you that it can be an excellent site for a variety of different people.

FlexJobs can be a good option for those looking for flexible work, such as a temporary job for a specified time frame. The site has jobs that run during the holiday season, summer jobs, and year-round jobs that last for specific time frames such as three, six, or nine months.

In addition, FlexJobs might work well for jobs that will let you work from home either entirely or at least part of the week – or for any type of freelance work.

Learn more about FlexJobs

Final Thoughts on FlexJobs

There are dozens of free job search websites from which to choose. However, if you’re searching for flexible job opportunities and looking for a trusted website to do so, FlexJobs could be your answer.

The site’s commitment to ad-free, scam-free job listings, along with its extensive list of job-searching helpmeets, make it worth the expense for many job seekers. 

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